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Tariffville Village Association

Who We Are

What is Tariffville?


Tariffville is a historic mill village in the Town of Simsbury,  Connecticut that finds itself at the happy intersection of four areas of national recognition:

  • National Register of Historic Places

  • Wild and Scenic Farmington River

  • New England National  Scenic Trail

  • East Coast Greenway

What is the Tariffville Village Association?


May 2022. Not all members are present.

The Tariffville Village Association was founded in 2003 to preserve,  protect and enhance our village and its abundant natural resources, to educate the public on its history and to advance the interests of our community.


So, what does the Tariffville Village Association actually do?


Well, over time we have been working with the Town of Simsbury in a variety of ways, most notably by having our Village Green and Gazebo constructed and designated as a town park, thereby becoming the focal point of our Historic Village and its four areas of national recognition. Over the years the TVA has also hosted or helped organize an amazing number of fun community events: festivals, holiday sings, parades, music events, picnics and even kayak races on our Wild and Scenic Farmington River.

Several years ago, we assisted the town in arranging for the purchase of the 63-acre Laurel Hill parcel on our mountain for open space, which we all continue to enjoy today as part of the New England National Scenic Trail. On the school side, the TVA helped to prevent the closure of Tariffville School, not once, but twice, once in 2005 and again in 2020, thereby preserving an essential part of our community!


We also participate on a variety of town committees, and team up with other non-profits representing bicycling, natural resources, tourism, history and beautification. Our tours and presentations on everything from the railroads to our village architecture have both entertained and enlightened the public.  You could say our overall thrust has been to bring our community together for fun and educational events, to work on special projects which enhance the village and to provide a thoughtful and unified “Tariffville Voice” in the Town of Simsbury.


Join Us!

Tariffville is recognized by the Town of Simsbury as a “character place”. Those of us who have been here for a while know this to be true – we have more “characters” per square foot than any other place in town! We hope you’ll join our fun-loving group today as we continue our efforts to bring new energy and creativity to the village, reimagining and reshaping our future together!


Are you one of the many people who have enjoyed life in the quintessential small village of Tariffville? Maybe you spent your childhood here? Maybe you just arrived or maybe you’re just passing through, but you love the sense of community and shared history and the natural beauty of the village? Guess what, we do too!  Maybe you would like to join us! See our membership tab for Contact Us for further information.

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